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17th century. Ottoman Turkish rāqī, from Arabic (ʕáraqi) “of liquor”, from (ʕáraq), “arrack, arak,” literally, “condensate,” which refers to an ouzo-like liqueur made of raisins.


  1. a national drink of Albania, Raki is an anise-flavored liqueur similar to ouzo, but made with fermented grapes or plums. It has an alcohol content similar to vodka, and is sipped artfully.

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  1. moisture

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Raki may mean:
  • An alternate name for Rangi, the sky father in the South Island dialect of Māori
  • Raki (alcoholic beverage), an alcoholic beverage of Turkey
  • An alternate name for the Cretan (Greece) beverage Tsikoudia
  • Raki, a character in Claymore
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